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About Us: Local and trusted solicitors and lawyers in Ipswich, Brookwater, Springfield

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Keane Legal is a boutique legal practice offering tailored services and advice in the areas of Commercial Law, Family Law, Wills & Estates and Workplace Law

We deliver legal services across the Greater Springfield region, Ipswich and surrounds, in particular, the communities of Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Springfield and Ripley.

At Keane Legal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional legal advice and services with a view to assisting our clients reach their goals and achieve peace of mind.

We are experienced, dedicated and reliable. We adopt solution based approaches to our clients' matters and offer flexible service delivery options to meet their needs.

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luke Keane

BBehSc, LLB (Hons)

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We assist our clients to reach their goals and achieve peace of mind

Luke Keane is the Director of Keane Legal.

Following his admission as a Solicitor in 2007 Luke worked in a number of key roles with some of Queensland's preeminent law firms, providing strategic legal advice and services to a range of individuals and organisations in a variety of industries and professional fields. 

As the head of Keane Legal, Luke brings a wealth of experience, technical knowledge and personal dedication to the service of his clients in the areas of commercial law, dispute resolution, wills & estates and workplace law. Luke is reliable, dedicated and approachable.

Luke is admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of Queensland.

our head family lawyer

kristy Keane


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We are experienced, solution-focussed, and approachable

Kristy Keane is the Head Family Lawyer of Keane Legal.

Having practised exclusively in Family Law since her admission, Kristy endeavours to help her clients to resolve their matters in a way that reduces the emotional and financial strain of separation.

Kristy is well-versed in the legal pathways available to her clients having experience across a broad range of family law matters, including parenting and child custody arrangements, adoption, divorce and property settlements involving the division of assets. Kristy is knowledgeable, solution-focussed and personable.

Kristy is admitted to the High Court of Australia, Supreme Court of Queensland and is a member of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland.