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wills & estates

Death is an inevitable part of life but is a topic that is often avoided due its confronting and emotionally difficult nature. 

Taking the time to receive professional advice before a crisis allows you the opportunity to carefully consider your options and to make meaningful and informed decisions.

Whether it be preparing a valid will, assisting in the administration of an estate or acting in a estate dispute, we are committed to helping our clients gain peace of mind through the provision of our succession law services. We provide clear advice that is delivered with care and professionalism.

Our lawyers can help you with all aspects of succession law, including:

  • Estate planning

  • Wills

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Advance Health Directives

  • Probate applications

  • Resealing probate

  • Letters of administration

  • Deceased estate administration

  • Family provision applications

  • Testamentary capacity contests

  • Estate disputes

  • Advising executors about their duties and obligations

  • Advising beneficiaries and interested parties about their rights.

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